Happy Thanksgiving

So here I sit Sunday morning, getting my Thanksgiving thoughts on.. I have all the preparation done so that my meal can be served by 3pm today. I so want to be prepared so I can enjoy my houseful of company. Between cousins, grandchildren and sons and daughter in laws, my house will be full in a few short hours.

As we all gather around today , you must stop and think about what you have to be thankful for.. I see so many of my friends that are sick or have loved ones that are battling some disease or another. I see my grandchildren worrying about school, friends girlfriends (cannot believe I wrote that) fitting in , and worry about things that are crazy.. BUT that is a part of life.

For me I am┬áthankful for my family, seeing my 3 sons living their life , being good fathers and partners. I am thankful everyday just for the idea, their lives may not be perfect for someone else but for them, they are great…Sure everyone has struggles and we are not without them but it is how we manage to come out of them, that is what makes us better people.

I am thankful or my husband , for putting up with me but also giving me a wonderful family of his to share.

I am also thankful for my health, and especially about my mind and how is revolves .sometimes scary!!! but most times it delivers a good message to get up , pick up and move on!!!

I am fortunate enough to have so many friends and family that help me along the way.. So SEE , I am a happy person today and everyday as I remember and think what I am thankful for.. Life is good .. enjoy it and just be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving..