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What a week this has been and it is only Tuesday.. We have seen many homes come up on the market this week. It seems that no one has told the Sellers the market is for Buyers only. Hurrah.. So at least when we take Buyers out they are looking at some new properties..

Colby Home

Colby Home

85 Delta priced for you to enjoy

85 Delta priced for you to enjoy

I want to focus on Colby Village in Dartmouth for this blog. I have 2 homes for sale out of the other 25 in this are which is under 300,000. there is 12 homes in this great area under 250,000. which would normally sell in the 270ish..
But never mind the homes, lets talk the area…Colby Village is in Cole Harbour home of Nathan MacKinnon, Sidney Crosby, just to name a few.. Also more importantly this is a family area.. where kids can go to school play at the parks, swim at the club and play tennis.. this is all within not 5 minutes of each other.
Lets not forget Cole Harbour Place where there is all kinds of recreation going on at all times , swimming, hockey, baseball, soccer,football, you name it Cole Harbour has it.. Did I mention grocery stores are about 5 minutes from Colby Village..
Lets just say it has it all.. Many a fine family live here and are very proud of the area.
Homes in the older section are about 40-45 years old. partially brick and siding.. Nice back and front yard..for the kids to play in or the animals to go out . Many of these homes have had upgrades, new windows , roofs, you know the big ticketed things that a Buyer does not want to get involved in.
These are the homes we are selling here. Oh they may not have the newer kitchens, or all the hardwood floors but the first time Buyer can move in unpack the boxes and start living right away.
In my 18 years selling Real Estate, I have come to believe that if you are starting out, go to a nice area buy the home that needs a little fixing(not the big stuff) live in it(3 yrs and up) and fix it as you go.. These people are the ones who will have a good return on their investment when they move, I see it all the time.
Travelling from this area is great, as you are about tops 7 minutes to Shearwater, Eastern Passage and about the 20-25 minutes to downtown Halifax.. Great for getting in and off the highway..
Have I sparked your interest yet??? Well I should, Call me about this great area and see what inventory we have here. You will not be sorry.If not me, call your own Real Estate agent and browse thorough this area.. I have only touched on the older part.. as this is where I have some for sale..
It does not mean that I cannot show you the new product around here , in newer subdivisions .. so check me out

2 Story For Sale in Sackville, Halifax County

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Great Neighbourhood

•  1,910 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm 2 story$239,700.

– IF you want a great school area , fenced backyard, family atmosphere, here is the home for you.
This 2 storey , has 3 bedrooms and a full bathroom on the upper level. Stairs are the only place for carpet and we have it here.
Foyer a good size , with french doors going into the living room, along with the dining room moving to the kitchen with a dining nook with patio doors leading out to the top deck. Down stairs shows a family room, along with a furnace room laundry room and a door leading out to another deck from the home.
House is landscaped in front with a paved single driveway . Forced hot air heat .

Property information

Here we go again…

Hi there, I am wondering if everyone in January goes to the gym, goes on a diet, or just makes all kinds of promises for the new Year.

Well I did and let me tell you this is hard..Every year I do up my goals for the following year and I am pretty good at keeping them.  BUT personal goals,now that is another picture.. I, like 27 thousand other people, started on the 2nd of January with a new diet and a new exercise regime.

Sure I can think of a thousand reasons not to get up in the morning and get going.. So I go a little later and I only go three days a week. Now I do try to go walking with my husband 1 day also.

Now I wish I could say I woke up and there they were, a couple of pounds hanging around, but nope, that is not true. This has been my progression over the last few years. Adding on a few pounds here and a few pounds there; anyway here I am and I hope to get rid of some extra pounds.


SO a few of us got together and started this group to support each other. Some of us on Weight Watchers and some counting calories..OMG how did this happen.

I know, weigh the food, count the points and count calories..It is hard. I am not the type to plan my whole week of eating, so it is a new me who just has to learn to at least think before I put food in my mouth.

I really would like to say this is fun….Not. It is hard. I stumble but I get back up. I lost about 7 pounds but gained back 3. Now I have lost that 3 this week so far.

I was told not to say I am going to loose weight, as it means it will find me again, but rather, I am going to let go of ‘x’ amount of pounds because I don’t want to find it again.

So I am changing my life style and I want take off about 1-1.5 pounds a week…Sounds great but I think it is the same thing. Now I gather around with all my friends in the same boat and we console each other, give each other support. I really hope it works. We call this networking in business, but for our personal goals it’s really just coffee and support (aka bitching about our diets).

I am not doing too bad, but my co worker just gave me a candy before for a treat and she said I sounded like a woman going crazy…Well I am…

SO my question is, are you making goals personal and business and which are the easiest to keep? After all it is February and I have been at this for 6 weeks.. AHHHH