Here we go again…

Hi there, I am wondering if everyone in January goes to the gym, goes on a diet, or just makes all kinds of promises for the new Year.

Well I did and let me tell you this is hard..Every year I do up my goals for the following year and I am pretty good at keeping them.  BUT personal goals,now that is another picture.. I, like 27 thousand other people, started on the 2nd of January with a new diet and a new exercise regime.

Sure I can think of a thousand reasons not to get up in the morning and get going.. So I go a little later and I only go three days a week. Now I do try to go walking with my husband 1 day also.

Now I wish I could say I woke up and there they were, a couple of pounds hanging around, but nope, that is not true. This has been my progression over the last few years. Adding on a few pounds here and a few pounds there; anyway here I am and I hope to get rid of some extra pounds.


SO a few of us got together and started this group to support each other. Some of us on Weight Watchers and some counting calories..OMG how did this happen.

I know, weigh the food, count the points and count calories..It is hard. I am not the type to plan my whole week of eating, so it is a new me who just has to learn to at least think before I put food in my mouth.

I really would like to say this is fun….Not. It is hard. I stumble but I get back up. I lost about 7 pounds but gained back 3. Now I have lost that 3 this week so far.

I was told not to say I am going to loose weight, as it means it will find me again, but rather, I am going to let go of ‘x’ amount of pounds because I don’t want to find it again.

So I am changing my life style and I want take off about 1-1.5 pounds a week…Sounds great but I think it is the same thing. Now I gather around with all my friends in the same boat and we console each other, give each other support. I really hope it works. We call this networking in business, but for our personal goals it’s really just coffee and support (aka bitching about our diets).

I am not doing too bad, but my co worker just gave me a candy before for a treat and she said I sounded like a woman going crazy…Well I am…

SO my question is, are you making goals personal and business and which are the easiest to keep? After all it is February and I have been at this for 6 weeks.. AHHHH